2023 Charity Application Process

Want to know more about the CFC?

The Combined Federal Campaign offers charities the opportunity to reach 9 million potential donors across the country and around the world. Interested in becoming a CFC-participating charity? The 2024 application process will begin December 2023.

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Ready to Apply?

The 2023 application period is closed as of February 28th, 2023! Head to the CFC's online Charity Application Resources page for all the guidance, tools, and resources to review the application process. Visit the Online Application Portal to learn more. 

Please check back here for more information on the 2024 charity application in December 2023.

Important Notes

  1. All organizations must apply each year whether they are required to provide a full application or a verification application.

  2. All organizations must pay the application fee whether they provide a full application or a verification application.

  3. Providing a verification application does not mean your organization has been automatically approved for participation in that campaign.

  4. All approved organizations must pay the listing fee to be included on the CFC Charity List. Listing fees are due prior to the start of the fall campaign. OPM will notify approved charities of the listing fee deadline in the summer.

  5. OPM has provided a detailed memo to assist charities with filing out the Areas of Service portion of the application (the section in which services delivered are documented).

For more information, please visit the CFC Charity Administration Center.