Charity Engagement

Thank you for choosing to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Your work empowers and inspires the generosity of the federal community, and together, we can change the world.  

The CFC is one of the largest and most successful annual workplace campaigns, raising millions of dollars each year for organizations for those who need it most. As the only authorized charitable solicitation of employees in the federal workplace, the CFC offers access to a critical source of unrestricted funds for participating nonprofits and an inexpensive way to attract new donors.

Information shared by your organization educates donors and helps them understand the importance of the CFC to participating charities. We look forward to working with you to attend campaign events and hope the following information is helpful as you plan for the upcoming campaign.

For more information about the 2023 CFC please click here


  • Your involvement in our local campaign activities is critical to the CFC’s success. Utilize the Charity Engagement Guide and Charity Engagement Briefing to make the most of your engagement with the thousands of potential donors through the CFC.
  • Attend campaign events when invited. Campaign events provide the opportunity for charities to meet with potential donors face-to-face and educate them on the Icon of group giving high fivesimportance of the CFC to participating charities.  
  • Accept volunteer pledges. Donors are invited to pledge volunteer hours in addition to their financial contributions, so nonprofits can raise funds and receive some helping hands through the same campaign. Research shows donors who also volunteer give more. 
  • Show the impact the CFC has on the work you do. Share your success stories, photos, videos, and dollar/impact statements with the campaign.    


  • Download the CFC logo and use it along with your organization's 5-digit CFC code on all of your materials.
  • Display the CFC logo and your organization's 5-digit CFC code prominently on your website.
  • Use the You can be the face of change theme and concept in your own promotional efforts. For example, you could include something on your home page or in an e-newsletter that says, “There’s no better time to get involved. Together, we can be the face of change by giving to [charity name] through the CFC. Our designation number is [5-digit CFC code].”


  • Invite donors to give. During the campaign, ask any known supporters who are federal employees/retirees to give to your charity through the CFC. 
  • Promote opportunities for federal employees to donate their time and talent as part of the new volunteerism component of the campaign. 
  • Incorporate messaging specific to retirees in your communications strategies. Ensure they are aware that they can support your organization by making a donation through the CFC.
  • Talk about the ability to give through payroll deduction, which enables donors to give a little bit each pay period, adding to a significant contribution at the end of the year. 
  • Encourage your supporters to educate their co-workers about your organization so they, too, can direct their donation to further your mission.


  • Utilize social media to promote designations to your charity through the CFC. Be sure to use the CFC logo with your 5-digit CFC code, tag your local CFC zone, and include the hashtag #GiveCFC. 
  • Share your success stories, photos, and videos on your social media channels and websites, in donor communications, and with local CFCs so that they may also promote your great work. 
  • Target earned and paid media to the federal audience through pitching and advertising.


Throughout the campaign, charities may have an opportunity to meet directly with campaign leaders and federal employees. As you pursue these opportunities through charity fairs and speaking engagements, follow the guidelines set forth by the CFC to help make the most of your time with these potential donors.

  • Charity representatives participating in CFC events should:
    • Attend only events to which the organization has been invited.
    • Sign event authorization forms (coming soon!) with all zones in which they plan to attend campaign functions.
    • Promote overall participation in the campaign, not only their organization, especially at speaking events.
    • Greet, receive, and thank all people with respect, dignity, and enthusiasm.
    • Use only the display area allotted, understanding that it may be necessary to share table space with other organizations.
    • Follow all instructions provided by event organizers.
    • Dress and act in a professional manner.
  • The sale of promotional items or collection of names or funds at CFC events is strictly prohibited. Promotional items of nominal value may be distributed.